My yesterday’s concern was very urgent: in addition to fire and brimstone, the newly appointed judges of Kocharian, who have been slaves since ancient times, have confirmed what, besides fire and brimstone, in the «constitutional court» of our country. The rest, well, worked with fire for a while, with all that it implies. And the new president, Arman Dilanyan, who worked in this den since the time of Gagik Harutyunyan, and then became a judge under the guarantees of Serzh Sargsyan and the perplexed Gago, and now heads the Constitutional Court, was no different from the perplexed. Gago or the wizard:

Today in the “Constitutional Court” pub a decision was made to declare unconstitutional the charge against the murderer Robik Kocharyan (Article 300.1 of the Constitution). It turned out that the barricade set up by Robik Tula Gro Tovmasyan works very well, and there will be a lot of blows from there.
Now the ignorant Investigative Committee, which accuses the criminal, the murderer of Robik Kocharyan under the article “Violation of the constitutional order”, and the Prosecutor General, who approves and confirms the charges brought by them, can appear before the criminal “Scorpion Grab” with “plain text”. In front ”and they say.

— Our former and current boss, we tried not to judge. We did our best for this government, which wanted to judge you for two and a half years, to try it now because it tried to judge you under unconstitutional law.
I really want to throw on the table of Judge Anna Danibekyan 85 volumes of dusty robbery of cannibals, which testify to thousands of cannibal crimes, one after another, into the cast-iron heads of those who submit this article and those who confirm it. And say:

— You secretly opposed the new government of our country. From the very beginning, you were the accused robotic slaves, greedy dogs. Shame and curse on you for the deliberate (yes, deliberate) accusation of hundreds, thousands of accused robbers of this bloodthirsty robber, who gave his equally criminal defenders the opportunity to play with the nerves of the heirs of the wounded and killed for more than two years, to play our people, relying on feelings and the sadness of the latter, to build the victory presented by the decision of today’s SD Booth. And isn’t it because of your invertebrate behavior that this thousandfold criminal is at large?

Does a lawyer in our government have the right to break this knot so that the equally shameful decision made today by notorious justices of the Constitutional Court does not become a way to free the criminal? And one more thing: until March 30, when the trial of the accused Robik is scheduled, is it possible to continue the process, adding to the criminal case the facts of obvious crimes committed by Kocharyan Robik?

But you should know one thing, illegal judges crawling under the feet of the criminal Kocharyan, that you are stuffed in the courts or in the fire called the Constitutional Court, will be the answer to your last dirty step. It will be hard. Look at the 85 volumes that will be opened and the accused Robik will answer. A witness is the just anger of the people, a witness is a group of lawyers and human rights activists, among whom there are pure Armenians, in whom there is an image of an honest Armenian, and not scum left over from robbed money, like you.


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