This must be known and remembered, for some it is difficult, but for their wisdom, this is my advice.

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Do not be surprised that more than 100 parties are registered in Armenia, and this is incomparable with the number of parties in countries with 100-200-year traditions of political life.

We started our party political life at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th, then we lit a cigarette, then supposedly resumed in the 90s. The authorities that have existed over these 30 years, on different scales and in different ways, pushed political life and the struggle of ideas, and many people registered a party with very different motives, many did not act and do not act. It seems that they have been peddling lecho for 10-30 years.

Traditional Armenian parties operating abroad for over 100 years were not political forces in a political sense, if they did not participate in the power struggle and elections in their country. According to this standard, no matter how much the word «party» is in their names, they have the character of a patriotic union, it is a good, powerful, patriotic union.
In Armenia, it is also time for people to place in their archives the parties that do not participate in the elections incomprehensibly or unconditionally.

If they give a reasonable reason for not participating, it is another matter, it must be respected.
And the point is not that only 2-3-7 parties are registered in countries with developed democracies. There are incomparably many of them. But it doesn’t matter now. It is essential that the module for registering a «prisoner» of an information virus, that propaganda is carried out with a special order, discredits democracy. Place….
This must be known and remembered, for some it is difficult, but for their wisdom, this is my advice:

The BASIC and CONSTITUTIONAL human right is to unite and implement one’s own ideas with like-minded people, change them, dissolve this union, create a new one, unite around several ideas at once (rescuing dogs, planting trees, quality education, selection, monitoring public money, official behavior, demining, etc. etc.).

No one has the right to determine the interests of others. And when a trade union participates or seeks to struggle for power to implement its ideas, then it becomes a party. Zahleks left, sorry for the primitive details.

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