30 years without you ․․․ Eagles from Shahumyan

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Shahumyan eagles from the series: Nerses Ararat Karagadyan.

Northern Artsakh. Shahumyan region, Shahumyan settlement. The national liberation movement began. All the youth stood up.

Nerses Karagadyan was one of the first to go to defend the Armenian land, and he was the first to devote his young life to his homeland.

October 9th. 30 years have passed without you.

Nerses Karagadyan with friends.

So strong, patriotic and loyal to the Motherland. You went to defend your homeland.

How painful was the fall of Getashen? It didn’t even occur to you that Shahumyan might fall.

Alas … This is how it happened, Shahumyan fell. Your parents couldn’t accept your loss. Nerses, Shahumyan’s eagle.
You are there, you are always with us, like all your martyr friends

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