We do not know when our pets become family members. All we know is that it happens.

When it comes time to say goodbye, we feel sad, but in the end we accept it.

Now that our animals are lost, we are sad too, but at the same time other emotions are mixed: anxiety, anger, fear …

Piper is the joy of her owners, especially her children: Carter and Natalie.

Until that awful day, Piper hadn’t lost her way. All attempts by the family to find her were unsuccessful. Piper was nowhere to be found.

“Last night, Carter’s love of life ran away or was stolen. His beloved Piper.

I got distracted by the kids, and when I went to let her in with Jake, it was just Jake.

He is a very friendly and lovable 2 year old pug. If you try to catch her, she might think that you are playing, ”- read one of the texts posted on social networks, trying to find her.

Carter has always loved pugs. When he was a child, he was given one, but had to be given to his family when his sister got sick because they could not keep him at home.

This is why Piper is so special because when he was 12 years old and they could have another dog, his parents gave him another pug.

One can imagine the grief experienced by these children, who missed their pet and did not find it.

But a miracle has come. April got a call from an animal shelter where they were caring for a small dog very similar to Piper. And she looked a lot like Piper because she was Piper!

Avril was happy. Her son Carter got sick thinking about the plight of her beloved pet, and now she can give him the good news that Piper has returned home.

Carter and her sister Natalie left town to spend a few days with their parental family, so April wanted to arrange a special meeting.

She took Carter out of school with Piper, and the pictures speak for themselves. He and his little dog found each other, and emotions reached a rendezvous.

Happy Ends are the ones we love the most.

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