It finds its owner after more than two years


Dogs never hide their excitement and joy at seeing their owners again at the end of the day when they return from work, school, etc.

These four-legged wonders couldn’t be more honest when expressing their beautiful feelings to their owners. Sometimes they are dramatic and over-excited. Either way, their love is unconditional.

But more to the point, this dog couldn’t be happier over the course of his 9 years of life when he meets his owner after two or more years of separation. She got lost and started barking at Rebecca when she saw her after a big break.

She looked like she couldn’t believe her eyes. That’s why the faithful puppy passed out for a moment. Rebecca worried that she thought her Schnauzer had a health problem.

Fortunately, Casey regained consciousness after a few seconds, when her owners kissed her. Still, the cheerful dog continued to bark excitedly.

Rebecca had to leave Casey and her relatives for more than two years, living in Slovenia with her husband. When she returned to Murrysville, Pa., She didn’t expect the most horny person to be her dog.

Rebecca and her husband are lucky to have Casey in their lives. We wish them many years together. May nothing separate them from now on! Watch the moment below:

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