Sweet baby doesn’t want to punish her guilty dog who broke her plate, instead hugs her


It is probably difficult to find better, closer friends than dogs and children. Animals always try to care for and protect their little companions, by looking after them and playing.

Children, in turn, treat dogs the same.

Very often, these couples become best friends for the rest of their lives. Children are always happy to hug their animal, snuggle up in its soft fur, and accept mutual love.

Remember how many videos are shown on the Internet with children and dogs in the lead roles. This video is no exception. It simply radiates love and tenderness for a living being, despite being guilty.

The dog accidentally broke this baby’s plate.

Most likely, the animal is already preparing for punishment or execution, but everything turned out in a completely different way. The girl started to hug and stroke the dog.

Despite the unpleasant situation, the baby made it clear to his friend that she still loves him, even though he broke his favorite meals.

Everyone, like this dog, has the right to make a mistake, accidental or deliberate.

In any case, trifles like a broken plate should not spoil the relationship between close and dear ones.

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