Haskin forcibly dragged me into the forest. » The dog jumped into the box and caught 7 wet dogs in a row


Whitney Braille lives in Menlo, Georgia. She is the mother of a 30-30 year old man, unfortunately disabled. With the woman unable to walk, she not only helps her family but also gives birth to her faithful dog, 3-year-old Haskin, named Banner.

When something strange happened to the dog recently, Whitney immediately realized that the dog wanted to tell him something.

He was beaten and thrown at his master, took his clothes and kicked him out of the house.

He said. “It’s great because my dog ​​always listens to me. Then he literally fired. “Instead of following orders, he took me in an incomprehensible direction. »

Whitney chased the animal, entered the forest, and jumped into the bushes. Suddenly he saw a box thrown into a tree.

Haskin put his beak in the box and let out an evaporating white chicken, then another, then another.

«I was scared because they weren’t talking, they were so cold,» said Whitney. “I thought they were dead, but luckily they were all alive. I don’t know how the presenters found this box. »

There were seven children in silence. The dog brought them to the Lord. The boys were brought home, heated and fed.

Yes, it’s very small. They are not what they used to be Caring for these children is becoming a difficult task for women with disabilities. But he did. Eventually, Kaki helped him.

Cats are not inspected and kept out of sight. The restless dog suddenly becomes an intelligent nanny who spends hours with the kittens to ensure safety and order.

Now he sleeps right next to the dandruff, licks himself up and warms up with his soft fur.

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