The most positive reaction of husbands to the stray dog, who was invited to their wedding


If someone ruined your marriage, it’s usually the nearby family that was invited. Their marriage was ruined by stray dogs.

Marilian և Mateus performed at a public wedding in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Because of the rain, their guests had to hide in the shade.

Everything went according to plan, until the stray dog ​​(as if seeking shelter from the rain) looked into the shade and decided not to go to the altar for the bride.

The dog was gone and the kids started to swear. The dog soon arrived and slept fearlessly on Merlin’s coat.

You can abuse a woman’s character, but Merlin can’t. “It’s fun because I love animals,” said Marila.

After the party, the bride and groom tried to find and retrieve the dog, but it simply disappeared.

They picked up the dog and went to town to see him. And their efforts paid off.

Marilyn Matthews Snoop has joined the new family. “We are all very happy. »

I’m glad Snoop picked a nice place to wait for the rain, he has reunited with his family.

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