Fallen and withered female dog was pregnant and sick, fighting for her life without any help from people


Many people enjoy having animals as pets, but their peaceful coexistence is sometimes not lucky.

There can be many situations where animals are abandoned and seen desperate and unaided on the roads and sidewalks.

The same thing happened with the dog named Liza. She was seen lying on the highway. The female dog was suffering from the savagery of the people.

When she was found she was sick and frail, she was not able to walk. This truth made the cat’s rescue more difficult.

This female dog story was uploaded to social media, but it looks like people were ignoring it.

By the time a company of animals knew about the matter, they weren’t able to save the lives of her puppies. She lost all the puppies in absolute calm.

The support team made an effort to improve her health and heal her, but it was quite difficult.

Now the female dog is groomed. There are obvious symptoms that his health is improving every day. She is well nourished and feels much better and relaxes.

The dog is afraid of people after being treated brutally and inhumanly. She even runs away from people. She’s just afraid of human beings.

The female dog has a particular behavior and there is so much to do to heal her completely

The dog walks around frequently and takes pleasure in nature and the surrounding environment.

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