For the dog his life changed after the rescue


His life changed after the rescue.

While walking along the embankment, two friends heard barking and saw a dog wading through the water.

The animal itself couldn’t get out of the river along the steep slope, so one of the guys got down into the water and helped the dog, and the other brought it to the shore.

Despite the stress experienced, the dog immediately began to show his kindness and «thank» his rescuers, running around and worshiping them.

It was impossible to leave such an active and friendly dog ​​on the street, and one of his rescuers decided to take the dog to him.

A Pekingese and a cat already lived in the guy’s house, and since the animals got along well, the guy decided that the «old guys» would unconditionally accept another pet.

And that’s what happened — the street dog was made very welcome by the residents of the house and had already become accustomed to its new owners and other pets.

The accident became the starting point for the animal to begin a happier new stage in life.

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