The bus stop picks up the stray dogs door and puts them to sleep.


The onset of winter means the same to many of us — the cold. For some people, warming up is more difficult.

Stray dogs are usually seriously injured.

Fortunately, a group of Brazilian stray dogs have a warm and cozy place.

Valley Linha staff have created a space where one can warm up and pamper.

Not only did they provide food and water for the stray cubs, but they also provided pet beds made from old blankets covered with blankets.

It is not clear whether the dog was abandoned or began to live as a stray dog.

It may not seem like right away, but it’s as good for winter hikes as any other hotel.

These dogs obviously do a lot for them, when people show their love for them it should mean everything. This caught the eye of local politician and animal lover Fabian Rosa.

In an online post that has since gone viral, he praised those who took the time to make the world a friendly place for these vulnerable puppies.

“There are many businesses in Curitiba that can imitate and adopt animals. Of course, that’s not ideal, but there are still people who care about them. «

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