The patient’s last wish is to see his dog one last time before leaving the world.


How not to get upset when you see so much love in her eyes?

Johnny, 69, whose condition worsened from illness, was taken to the Veterans Hospital under the supervision of medical staff.

His only companion was the dog Patch, and he still worried about his friend. What would happen to him when he left?

While John was in hospital, Patch was treated by the Animal Welfare Association in the United States.

Association spokesperson Adam Ritchie said it was normal for veteran dogs to treat sick dogs, but it was a special situation because John didn’t have the time. And he knew it.

“John’s illness was inevitable, we did everything to make his wish come true. »

John’s eyes lit up when he saw Patch appear. They were both happy to be reunited.

John hugged her and stroked her with all his love, whispering words of love to her.

«Yes, it’s me, I’m the father, are you glad to see me? Nice to see you, ”John said to his beloved dog.

He licked her face and neck. They had the opportunity to say goodbye to each other and they took advantage of it.

It was a happy, but sad moment. Everyone assured Johnny that Patch would have a happy home.

A veteran of Patch’s life.

As soon as this story appeared on the association’s Facebook page, many people wanted to accept the Patch.

Robert Candelaria, also a Navy veteran, helps with an animal shelter. After hearing John’s story, he wanted to adopt Patch.

“I promised Patch he wouldn’t be spending a day at the orphanage,” said Robert. Now Johnny’s favorite dog has a new family.

“As veterans, we shouldn’t be the same blood brothers. “No brother should be left alone in this world,” said Robert.

He visited John in the hospital every day. He did it all the way!

Patch now lives happily in his new home: Robert says he has adjusted well to his family.

Jean has left us. Until his final days were accompanied by another veteran, he enjoyed visiting the dog which was his last wish, he was calm knowing that his pet would be in the care of a family magnet.

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