The strangest case. The pigs saved the tigress who lost her own children


The mother tiger lost all of her children in the Thai zoo, suffered from depression and refused to eat, wrote on social media and posted beautiful photos.

In a zoo in Thailand, 100 km from Bangkok, veterinarians make an amazing experience.

Fearing that the tiger population will continue to decline, that they will weaken in captivity, scientists have decided to throw the baby tigers to the pig. Pig’s milk makes feral cats strong and resilient.

He also had a Tiger Shay May (8). Their children, three young, completely blind animals, were tested. We made them taste tiger milk, then we took them to a pig farm.

And in order not to upset Shay Mae, or, even worse, not to die of childish grief, newborn pigs were planted on him.

The mother’s instinct is so strong that she accepts them as family.

These photos were taken in 2004, but they still look amazing. But many haven’t seen it yet.

The zoo is famous not only for its beautiful wildlife, but also for its unique circus shows and performances.

It turned out to be a real art.

All visitors were delighted with the sight, and the photos are still being discussed on the internet.

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