A dying mother who adores “Bambi” receives a special visit from a real deer


Animals can bring comfort to people in difficult times. There are times when people want nothing more than to see their favorite animals.

A woman was dying, Lisa and her sister were taking care of her and they wanted to do everything to make the last days of her life happier and more memorable. The woman liked the Bambi cartoon and liked the deer.

They even had Bambi statues and T-shirts at the house to make the lady happy.

But after a while, when the woman’s condition worsened, the girls decided to invite the real Bambi, the deer, to their home. The deer was brought from a children’s farm, where he was raised by a loving couple.

When the lady saw the deer, she was delighted and surprised, she looked very happy.

Lisa writes that they made a special visit, driving for two hours just to please an old lady who was very fond of reindeer.

They couldn’t thank them enough for what they did for their mother and their family.

It was totally worth it, because it was a truly impressive, memorable and happy moment for their mother. She had really happy moments in her life and they managed to make their mother happy.

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