A scared dog wakes up his new owner in the middle of the night to thank him


If you are thinking of having a dog one day and you need additional arguments, this story is for you. To be able to change the life of an animal in such a way is the most rewarding feeling. It only takes a few things to improve their lives.

Nia was one of the worst cases seen at the Gibson County Animal Shelter. She had been physically abused in the past and was so scared that she completely locked herself in her kennel.

When Kimberly came to visit, he decided to take her home. Kimberly has rescued hundreds of dogs through her organization, but none have been as traumatized as poor Nia.

She had a wound above her eye, indicating she had been hit with some sort of instrument, and the wound on her nose looked like a hard jar instead of a dog’s muzzle.

But worst of all was how the abuse had affected his psyche. The cute dog was so scared that when Kimberly followed her, she held her tail between her legs.

Kimberly had to carry Nia into the car. When Nia arrived at her new home, she was completely exhausted. She found a corner of the house where she felt good and slept for two nights and a day.

But on the second night, something began to change in Nia’s mind and she hesitantly approached and sniffed her master’s hand while he slept.

Kimberly woke up to the feeling of warm breath on his arm and was overwhelmed with emotion when he realized the little dog was finally gaining confidence. She smiled and leaned towards him.

Nia eventually fell asleep again, but soon after, Kimberly woke up with the same feeling. A few hours later the same thing happened and he was already crying with happiness.

As if Nia wanted to thank him for bringing her back from the orphanage. Day by day his confidence started to return, and Kimberly was very happy to see it. Kimberly was overjoyed. Soon she was settling into her first real bed, and then, for the first time, her tail wagged with joy.

Thanks to Kimberly, Nia gains a confidence that would not have been possible had she stayed at the shelter. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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