Blind dog sees his family after eye surgery and can’t contain his joy


One day, Duffy, an Irish terrier, is suspected of canine diabetes and his masters do not know what to expect.

Diabetes in dogs is caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin, which makes it difficult to process sugar. Symptoms of canine diabetes include excessive thirst, increased urination, weight loss, and increased appetite.

With treatment, a diabetic dog can lead a relatively normal life, but unfortunately, if the disease is not treated quickly, some complications can occur.

Cataracts are a common complication of diabetes in dogs. It is known that 75% of dogs develop cataracts and blindness in both eyes within 9 months.

Duffy was 8 years old when his owners began to realize that something was wrong with him. Suddenly he started urinating frequently around the house, then one day Duffy went blind.

They couldn’t believe how quickly Duffy’s illness took over, their happy and healthy dog ​​struggling with everyday life.

Benjamin’s heart broke when he saw this dog struggling with life… it was very painful for him to see all this.

He took Daffy straight to the vet, where they said the dog had diabetes. His blood sugar level was beyond praise, but with the help of vets, Benjamin was able to stabilize it quickly. The question then arose: would he be able to see again?

The vet decided that Duffy could have special surgery to restore his vision, and his surgery was scheduled for January.

Duffy’s operation was successful and he saw his family for the first time in months. It was a special moment and Benjamin captured it on video.

Daffy happily walks into the room, overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of his family as they caress and hug him. Our vision is indeed something that goes without saying and we are sure that Duffy is delighted to see them again.

Duffy will have to take medication for the rest of his life, but luckily his vision has fully recovered and he can see everything around him normally.

Benjamin said he had to take insulin injections twice a day, but the surgery to correct his eyes was completely successful and he had no problems or complications with his vision.

It is truly a miracle that veterinarians can now restore sight to blind animals. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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