Blind pup struggles to survive, feeling heat from vets


In many countries, the epidemic of stray animals is out of control. Stray dogs continue to reproduce without neutering. Consequences: Tiny living things struggle to survive without food or medical care.

These two little puppies were fighting for their survival, they were covered in thousands of fleas. A puppy was blind and so fragile.

When rescuers took him away, his heart was pounding. The warmth of the rescuer’s body convinced him that he was no longer alone and that he did not need to be afraid.

The puppies were taken to the medical center. The vet and his staff worked with them to get rid of most fleas. They then received fluids to help combat dehydration and malnutrition. They also suffered from anemia.

Their condition improved considerably after this treatment. But still a puppy saw nothing. Rescuers will be looking for a special home for this pup with a supportive and loving person.

Dogs with special needs can really thrive in the right environment and with the right people, surrounded by love!

It’s so good that both puppies are safe!

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