Labrador dad teaching his puppies to swim


As we have already understood, not only children learn tricks from their parents, but also small animals.

Most animals prefer to teach their young to survive in the wild, to find food and then, and this Labrador decided to teach his young to swim more.

It’s a very cute scene where a labrador takes his puppies to a small pond to learn how to swim.

These little puppies go to the pond and their daddy goes in the water, but they seem to be a little scared of the water and only one of them decides to follow his daddy.

But it didn’t take long for all the puppies to hit the lake and imitate their dad.

As we probably already know, dogs are born swimmers and almost all love water.

So these adorable puppies are no different.

After a short swim, they set off to explore the coast, guided by a proud dad.

Because it was a sunny day, the puppies went back into the water to get back to swimming, which should soon become their favorite activity!

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