The cat that learned to walk like a human conquers the Internet


The photo of this cat standing on its hind legs spread on the Internet and was loved by many people at once.

He has already become famous on social networks. But it wasn’t until recently that Rex started getting so much attention from people.

Rex is out of the house – he lives in a huge house, the owners love him.

In fact, like him. He is a very tender and sweet cat who loves spending time with his family, his beloved owners.

He is already the second cat in his family. By the way, it also flashes frequently in the score to make it easier for Rex to move around and make it easier to fall on a miss.

This is because Rex does not feel uncomfortable on the parquet, so he moves even faster on it. Sometimes it leaves marks, which could be a big problem if there were carpets in the house.

Everything Rex does is forgivable to her because she’s so charming and beautiful that it’s just impossible to look at her and be mad at her.

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