This boy cries when he sees his missing dog eight months later


We love our animals so much that we have no idea what would happen if they disappeared. For this 11-year-old boy, his dog was everything to him, he was very attached to dogs and couldn’t imagine life without him, when the worst happened, his dog got lost one day.

At first he thought Jack wouldn’t get far and he just went for a walk, but this time everything was different.

Jack knew not only their house, but all of their neighbors and the surrounding area, but he never returned. The boy realized that the dog was lost or had been stolen by someone.

He was trying to find the dog with his family and friends, but everything was hopeless.

The child couldn’t believe he might never see his beloved dog again! But he never lost faith, he always waited for his dog to find him one day and they would reunite. He knew the dog would come.

His mum says the boy was indescribably broken and couldn’t stop crying for his dog because he missed Jack so much, but never stopped believing he would one day be there.

And he was right, because eight months later, one of their family friends saw the dog near the house. He immediately informed the hosts and they eventually found him.

They couldn’t believe their eyes, especially Rocco, who never doubted he would be reunited with his beloved Jack. It was a real miracle for them!

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