A child brought home a shivering puppy from the street


Yana has always considered herself a catwoman. There have always been cats in her life, which she very often brought home from the street.

Yana never thought about having a dog, but soon everything changed!

A woman’s nine-year-old daughter went to training, but she didn’t come back at all on her own. She found a cold, wet puppy on the street, shivering with cold and fear.

The child felt sorry for the baby, so she took him home. Yana looked at her daughter, who tenderly held the frozen animal in her hands, and realized that now they would have a dog.

The girl did not even expect to approach the animal, because initially she did not believe it.

She was afraid that the puppy would be put outside again. Now the dog’s name is Mukhtar and the whole family loves him. Yana never regretted getting a puppy, he became their favorite and the sun.

Laughing, she says it’s the dog that walks them three times a day, and not them at all. Who would have thought that a little street pup would be so lucky?

Thanks to the girl for not leaving the puppy on the street! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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