Four little kittens were brought to the shelter, but the mother cat found them and came back for them


A few days ago, 4 little cats were taken to a shelter without their mother. The director of the shelter was contacted about four 10-day-old kittens that needed to be rescued urgently.

The shelter staff desperately tried to help them. The kittens were found in a yard with their mom, but she ran away.

Ashley volunteered and she immediately bottle fed the cats. The cats were well cared for by their mother cat.

When the animals arrive at the shelter, they never see their mother again. Ashley and Jennifer were about to raise their little ones before weaning them, but one day something amazing happened.

The mother cat was looking outside for her little cats. The next day, the mother cat was taken to her foster home to reunite with her children.

In fact, he didn’t want to go out until he brought the little kittens.

Ashley says she kept her kittens and the mother cat looked pretty calm. They showed him to his little ones and he finally got off the carrier.

He went straight to the kittens and snuggled into her little hugs. They immediately started drinking their mother’s milk. The mother cat was happy, barking and feeding her babies.

Alice said they had never seen anything so heartbreaking. It was a real miracle. Their reunion was just a wonderful sight.

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