Max doesn’t want to give away the pacifier when the owner tries to get it back


There’s nothing more fun than when an adult behaves convincingly like a baby. Especially when that adult is a big dog!

This cute retriever named Max has seen a new toy and judging by his excited expression, he thinks the toy is perfect for him. Without instructions, the «toy» goes directly into his mouth. And she will stay there, if he has anything to say about it.

His owner is already worried about the safety risks, so she tries to convince him to give up the strange «toy».

He carefully reaches for the nipple, but the dog decisively turns away and does not allow him to take his toy. He tries again, and the determined dog slowly pushes his hand away with his paw as he barely tries to contain his laughter.

The dog’s owner keeps trying, and each time the dog reaches out for the «toy», he again pushes his hand away with his paw, as if to say, «I found it, it’s me «.

Hope he can swap it out for a toy more suited to the cute dog!!

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