The owners gave the cat into good hands and two years later he returned to them


We present to you an incredible story. It happened to a family whose brass found their way home years ago and came home.

He was a gray cat named Barsik, cheerful and intelligent, who did not damage wallpaper and furniture, and regularly visited the shooting range.

But he was not so gentle, sometimes he bit his masters. But in general it was quiet. But soon the couple discovered that they were to have a child and decided to move to a new apartment.

but when the mother and her baby were in the hospital, the cat became restless and even started eating badly.

And after the return of the hostess and the baby, the most interesting thing began. The cat was constantly interested in the new little resident of the apartment, often jumping on the bed.

And because of this, his owners often got angry with him, and the cat decided to take revenge, he became aggressive. Then it turned out that their daughter was allergic to cats, so they decided to give the cat to people they trusted.

For a long time they were interested in the fate of their cat, they visited him but one day it was interrupted.

One day, they suddenly hear the familiar sound of a cat near their house but they don’t believe it’s their cat. The cat was in poor condition, moreover, he did not accept the owners for a while and bit them.

Fortunately, it turned out that the girl’s allergy had passed and she died at home.

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