Angry Owner Cut Puppy’s Ears With Scissors And Used Super Glue To Stick Them Back On


Greenville Animal Hospital has raised concerns over allegations of abuse and mutilation of a young puppy.

Employees said owner Tony Lopez intentionally cut off the puppy’s ears with scissors. He then used superglue to glue the ears to his temples.

The Greenville Police Department’s Animal Protection and Crime Squad immediately issued a search warrant and removed the pup from the abused home. Fortunately, a quick response saved the pup’s life.

Now he is recovering in the care of the local animal welfare service. Police have launched the animal cruelty investigation into the heinous case.

Update: According to the latest update, Tony Lopez has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty. But later the police released him on bail of ten thousand dollars. Demand the toughest sentence for Tony for torturing his innocent pup!!!

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