Horse gives birth to surprisingly rare filly – just look at her


Scott and Jackie were both surprised and delighted by the recent birth of a special little filly they named ‘Coconut’. They breed award-winning paint horses on their ranch in Melbourne.

This little filly was born with a rare color called tovero. These extremely rare marks can only be found on a warhorse, which was an item of exceptional value.

A piebald horse with these rare and valuable markings is a white horse with a small colored pattern covering the top of its head and ears, called a «military hat» or «medical hat».

A warhorse was considered even more valuable if it had a blue eye, called the «sky’s eye.» Local culture believes that the blue eye of the warhorse will carry its spirit to the afterlife should it die in battle.

The healer was not only a healer, but also revered as a spiritual leader, his role was to protect the spiritual and physical health of the tribe.

The war horse is also said to protect the whole tribe from danger. They were so valuable that members of other tribes stole them to weaken their rivals!

They were amazed to learn of this unusual pattern after seeing it on their new filly, their very own warhorse. Indeed, they are very lucky people!

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