A smiling puppy smiles at everyone at the shelter in hopes of finding a forever home


A charming black Labrador was looking for his eternal home and smiling at everyone who passed by his kennel.

The dog Burro, along with 2 other dogs, were taken in at the age of 2 months.

The director of «Human Society» spotted these adorable ones at the local animal control center. She couldn’t leave them, especially when Burro showed his teeth in a broad, charming smile.

They were handpicked and named by a volunteer who decided to name them after the Louisiana State University football team.

Burro fell ill after the rescue, but they rushed him to a veterinary animal clinic, where, thankfully, he recovered.

As soon as Burro and his friends were already at the Human Society, she noticed the dog smiling at passers-by.

Every time they said something nice to him, he smiled as if he wanted something and asked to pet him and love him.

When it came time to find them loving families, the orphanage decided to showcase their skills on social media. After sharing a video of Joe’s skills, the dog was quickly adopted.

For Burro’s video, the staff decided to show off his sweet nature with a video of him showing his teeth. They wrote that Burro wants a loving home so badly that he always smiles.

The Humane Society posted the video on Facebook where it has been viewed 194,000 times and garnered hundreds of likes, comments and shares. But Burro has yet to find his eternal home. He and his sister are still patiently waiting!

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