This video of a little pika singing «Queen» has gone viral on the internet


Freddie Mercury’s passion runs through the veins of this little creature!

This little guy is called «Mercury Peak» and you’d think Freddie Mercury was singing it.

Pischu is a small mammal the size of a mouse, but is a cousin of the rabbit. These animals live in burrows and make a very high-pitched sound when they enter their home.

For the most part, they are herbivores, eating twigs and grass. As they live in the mountains, their winters are long, so to survive they collect food for the winter.

Just as Freddie Mercury wowed audiences with his flamboyant manners and powerful voice, the tiny «Mercury Peak» also captured the hearts of fans.

Pika Mercury has a big ego among those who know him well, but he most likely feeds off the energy he gets from his fans.

Now that it’s been taken out of the bag, it’s gone viral online. Take a look and you’ll see why, then share it with a friend. Mercury Peak’s incredible performance will bring a big smile to everyone.

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