Unwanted Husky With Nose And Mouth Tumor Finally Adopted


The creator of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform took on the responsibility of caring for dogs in need.

Although the group was formed to rescue Dallas street dogs, they have become the last resort for dogs unlikely to be adopted.

One of these “last hopes” recently arrived in Dawson from a dog shelter in San Antonio. He is a husky and what makes him special is his appearance.

The dog has an invasive tumor that has invaded the nasal cavity and raised above the eye sockets and skull.

Most of the bones in his face were affected by the tumor. Dawson knew Serenity deserved a fighting chance and a better life despite the swelling.

He gets up, bends over with his huge swelling and kisses Dawson on the face. He knew at the time that he would fight to the death to do whatever it took to save the dog’s life.

Until now, the Serenity husky sought help from an oncologist, an internal medicine specialist and a critical specialist. He can see, breathe and eat, but they can’t do anything against the tumor.

Although Dawson hoped for better news, he would continue to love Serenity and provide her with a good life.

Serenity’s photos have recently gone viral on the internet, so people have started sending treats and packages for the cute dog. We wish him a quick recovery !

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