A young man found an emaciated dog of an incomprehensible breed and discovered that it was a husky


A young man named Rico found a very skinny puppy while walking around town, which could barely move.

He approached the dog and tried to feed the photo, but the dog was barely able to eat.

Rico was caring for the pup and consulting a veterinarian, who prescribed medication to keep the dog upright. He was recovering slowly and recuperating.

He also gained some weight, which was very important to him.

Rico bathed the dog and tried to heal the many wounds on his skin.

The dog was already starting to appear and changing from day to day. His appetite was almost restored.

Rico discovered that this was no ordinary dog, but a unique breed of husky, rare in Bali.

He named him Hope and gave him a second chance and took him home to live with him.

The young boy fell in love with the dog and enjoys spending his free time with him.

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