Every wise person knows how to spend the day and take advantage of every opportunity


I will always have fond memories of my grandmother. She was an amazing woman to me. And a few years ago, something happened that completely changed my view of the world.

Before Easter, she suggests putting up new curtains. Besides, they were very beautiful. Mom and I went to work. But the curtains still did not want to hold, constantly fell and were torn from the clasps.

Grandma said that one day she would be so happy if she was given such beautiful curtains.

What did I ask now? And she said that there is no more desire, and with time, everyone loses desire. She said we must have time to do everything as much as we want.

I didn’t take those words seriously at the time, but as I grew up, I was able to fully understand the meaning of those words. I am almost 40 years old and I can advise you not to spare yourself.

Spending all the money on stupid things, on the little things that make us happy. And when you put it off for a long time, the pleasure disappears somewhere. So live while you can.

When you grow up, you want everything. You’ll have enough funds set aside, but you won’t want to buy anything with it!

Now, I’m really sorry that I didn’t listen to my grandmother. Don’t repeat my mistakes, but learn from others.

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