Fishermen save arctic fox from iceberg


Canadian fishermen off the coast, 2.5 miles offshore, saw a small animal on top of a small iceberg.

At first they thought it was a little seal, but then they realized they were wrong.

It was a little fox. Three fishermen steered their boat towards the iceberg. They managed to get him on board, although the little fox initially resisted.

But it was his only chance of survival, because the wind would have blown all the ice with the fox into the sea.

Then the fox fell asleep on the way to the shore.

The little fox was offered crackers and cheese, but he didn’t want to eat any, he only ate sausage.

The fox was landed on the island with other animals. They were able to free him.

Now they see their little fox from time to time.

The island was once inhabited, and there was an old kennel on the island and rescued animals were placed there.

The fox went to explore his already new home. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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