Vet visits kennel to comfort dog injured in fire


This dog narrowly escaped the fire, but was badly burned.

Fortunately, a caring person took him to the veterinary clinic and the staff were able to save his life. What happened after the operation…

Taka, an adorable 8-year-old dog, was caught in a fire. He suffered severe burns and a neighbor took him to the hospital.

They realized they had to hurry to save his life, and they succeeded. However, the dog had to be kept at the clinic until he recovered.

The vet fell in love with the dog whose life she had just saved immeasurably, and soon a special bond developed between the two!

He says he always tried to treat all of his patients the same, but this was a different case.

When Emily came in he was screaming in pain because he had burns around his ears, eyes, mouth and stomach. But he calmed down when Emily sat down next to him and started singing to him.

He took a long time to recover and he had to stay in the clinic, so the vet decided to stay with him so he wouldn’t feel alone. He took the dog home to rest.

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