A 56-year-old single Brit lives with his 70 cats


In the town of Gainsborough, UK, lives a 56-year-old man named Jan. He doesn’t have a wife or kids, but that doesn’t bother him, as 70 of his beloved cats live with him.

He has been rescuing homeless animals since 1992. During that time he has helped over 5,000 cats and taught many of them how to work with erythylium.

Cats are able to anticipate the impending crisis of the owner and can warn him of it.

According to the Briton, all his cats are in good health and live in good conditions. From time to time, he even walks them.

Every year he buys pets not only for food and toys, but also for care.

He said he doesn’t drink, smoke, or run after women.

He just hangs out with cats and all the problems go away. In addition, the cat room is very warm.

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