The dog is the first time to see a goat child that he was very moved


It’s funny to watch a dog and a goat when they play together. It’s practically safe when the two are the same age.

It’s nice to watch the two of them, because they played non-stop. The dog aui saw the goat first time is the nicest thing we have ever seen.
After a few years the family goat gave birth to a perit goat they named Ollé, they have very happy in the family.

Both are a little emotional at first but then it goes crazy!
Ollé is the calmer of the two and stays still while Ben runs.

It’s a bit outdated, but we still think that Ben and Ollé should change their names!
A 60-year-old single German lives with cats. The German has been saving cats for 28 years;

In the city of Kassel there is a man almost 60 years old. his name is Van, he has no family; he has no children, but it does not bother him. because he lives with cats on the same roof. His cats like to live with him.

Van has been saving cats since 1994. He has rescued over 3000 cats all the time. He cured many epileptic cats. So all his cats are healthy and live in good conditions; Often he walks with his cats. For his cats he buys not only food and toys, but also treatment;
He says he does not smoke, that he is not interested in women; because all his free time he occupies with his cats. When he spends time with his animals he rests and all his problems disappear.

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