Adventures of a wild boar in the Hong Kong subway


One Friday, the little boar decided to treat himself and go to Hong Kong by subway. He got on the train and left.

In the short time he was on the subway, he managed to make some noise.

Passengers were startled by the boar’s appearance on the subway, but were generally calm.

Some were fascinated by the cute beast. They tried to pet her and filmed her.

Worried that he might cause a lot of trouble, they wanted to catch this boar with a penny.

The boar could not be caught immediately, and he got off at the North Point interchange, then ran to another train and sat on the nearest empty seat.

The train driver was informed of his unusual passenger and he changed course, heading for the Tseung Kwan depot.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Wildlife was already waiting at the scene.

The boar was caught and taken to one of the suburban reserves. An AFCD spokesperson said he was unharmed and doing well and had already been released into the wild.

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