This Calf Also Thinks He’s A Dog, And Look What He Did When No One Was Around


I certainly knew that children sometimes have identity crises during adolescence and try to figure out their own identity. They try to figure out who they are and what they want. However, I would never have thought that animals also go through this difficult stage!

The rescued calf is now certain it is a dog after living with three puppies for two months. Goliath was rescued by high school student Shaylie from a dairy farm where he was scheduled to be shot.

After being rescued, Shaylie and her family helped restore him to health by bottle-feeding him in California. The Great Dane of the Leonid family also took over this care of the dog and also began to take care of him.

His owner Shaylie is convinced that Goliath considers himself a dog too. He runs with the dogs, lies in their beds and plays with them with dog toys.

Goliath also managed to enter the house after the family left the back door open. When they came back, they found him lying on the couch! Watch the video, it will cheer you up!

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