Lost Puppy Gives Paw to Rescue and Shows Confidence


This is Fram and he was found wandering along the road, lost and disoriented. His rescuers didn’t understand how he got there, but he seemed unconcerned. They were suspicious of the dog because he looked weak.

Patience was their only friend, and after an hour their patience was rewarded. The dog slowly approached them and trusted them to give his paw.

By giving them his paw, he proved that he already trusted them. They stuffed him in their car and rushed to the vet after finding the dog had numerous health issues.

There they discovered that Fram had several mites, fleas and even scabies.

He was cured of everything and gave him lots of attention, which made him a beautiful, well-groomed dog! After that, it’s brand new! He is cute is currently looking for a new home.

Watch this video and let us know how you feel. My heart just melted seeing the rescue of the dog and his comfort with his rescuers!

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