An interesting story of a rescue dog


This touching story shocked the people of Argentina, Pid Bull took care of the newborn and saved him.

According to the media, the girl had a child in the apartment. Then she feels bad, leaves the child and goes away, but the dog takes care of him.

The girl’s parents said they did not know the girl was pregnant.
This little dog took care of the baby all the time.

The child was found in a neglected state in the basement of the house. The girl’s father saw the agitated dog.

Surprised, he picked up the baby and rushed him to a medical center.
They said the baby was born 10 o’clock.

The girl had a mental problem, did not inform her parents about her status and after having a child, she went to the doctor and said that she had lost the child.

Thanks to this faithful animal, the child was saved.
The dog is always a faithful best friend of man. Love dogs and animals

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