The touching story of a dog


Let’s thank these caring people for taking care of this beautiful little miracle.
This little one, who was tied to an empty house tree, recovered as quickly as possible with the help of good people.

Alfred, an animal handler in Atlanta, USA, found this baby after a call from one of the citizens. He was injured, tortured and deprived of food. When he saw Alfred, he started barking with joy.
Alfred gave her some bread and stroked her.

Alfred took him to a specialist, he recovered very quickly. At the doctor, this little one was so happy that he constantly played with people. He realized he was finally in good hands.

Then he was taken care of for a while, where he recovered, when his new owners saw his photo before and now they are very surprised.

It’s been a long time since he grew up, the new owner reports that he is a very calm and kind dog.
He was found injured, starving, but he is now the happiest in good health, as he is loved and cared for.

We must always remember that the animals around us need our attention and our love.

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