Grandma’s Last Wish


We know animals help people when people need help. Interestingly, people want the presence of their favorite pet in the last days of their life.

Here is an old woman visiting her beloved pet in a very interesting way.
Sarah and her brother cared for their sick mother.

Brother and sister were thinking about how to make their mother’s last days happier and more interesting. He was very fond of Donald.

«She has Donald sculptures, she even wears Donald’s pajamas,» Sara writes.
«Me, my brother, my father և my mother also have Donald’s pajamas…

And so one day they decided to invite the real cat Donald, because his mother’s health was deteriorating.
As soon as he sees Donald, the grandmother smiles.

Donald comes from a children’s farm run by Nick և Chloé.
They adopted Donald.

Sarah says they have come a long way and come to make this grandma happy.
“I am very happy and grateful that they made my mother so happy on the last day of her life,” Sarah said.

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