Ukrainian soldiers feel blessed with the companionship of abandoned cats


The Ukrainian soldiers have faithful companions which are the stray cats. They change the rough lifestyle and daily routine of the soldiers.

These stray cats give them a reason to smile. These are not only stray cats there are cats that are rescued. The cats give a moral support and defend soldiers from fighting in the country.

Almost 15 cats live with soldier in the Volodymyr section. The soldiers said that they could not leave the innocent cats outdoors alone.

They look after these scared and abandoned cats. They feed them for them to survive in this difficult situation. They changed the days of the soldiers brighter and give them positive mood.

The cats are anti-depressants. The cats are good hunters for the mice.

The cats make them feel relaxed. Many soldiers adore when they lie down and the cats come and lie on them.

The stray cats will be taken home by this soldiers. The cats are devoted and true companions for the soldiers.

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