For ten years, this dog has been going to the store every day to buy his beloved grandmother’s breakfast


It’s the touching story of a loyal dog who knows how to thank the person who helped him years ago. For years, this dog carried breakfast to his human grandmother, who had leg issues.

When the dog’s former owner abandoned him, he was just a few months old. He was a stray for a while until he befriended an elderly woman who adopted him, and he lived a pretty good life.

Her grandmother’s feet were very unpleasant for her to walk on, so the dog rarely went out and played with her grandmother, and her only opportunities were to go to the store with her to buy breakfast.

When Grandma fell apart one day, the dog lost her one and only chance to hang out with Grandma.

He felt uncomfortable at first, but perhaps because he was well aware of the route to and from the store, he swore to himself to go to the store every day because simply to buy breakfast for her grandmother.

When the dog first arrived at the store alone, the caretaker was puzzled as to what was going on and why the dog would go there on his own. The guard began to notice that the dog was leaving with a bag of food in its mouth.

Every day when he saw the dog approaching, he apparently took the initiative to cook him breakfast to bring back to his grandmother.

It’s been ten years since the dog went to the grocery store alone, rain or shine, for breakfast.

The dog is now considered old, yet he still insists on buying breakfast for Grandma every day. After all, he adored his grandmother and wouldn’t let her go hungry or without breakfast.

People do animals a little good, but animals do even more. Animals should be treated with respect. People meet lots of other people in their lives, but a loyal animal only has you in theirs.

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