Artist Was Told His Bird Leg Drawings Weren’t Realistic Enough, He “Fixed” Them And People Like That


Early December in 2020, Twitters had some fun laughing over a post showing hilarious drawings of bird legs that couldn’t be more “realistic.” The post soon became viral on the Internet with 230K likes, 5K replies, and more than 43K shares.

The author of the post, Tommy Siegel, said that these were the redrawn pictures he created because people told him his previous bird leg drawings were not realistic enough.

Tommy Siegel is an artist who loves to create funny comics featuring people in all sorts of ridiculous situations. Since 2020, the artist has been really into bird watching and drawing birds.

However, the reactions he received from the very first artworks were not quite positive! As he shared that he was trying to get better at realistic drawing, people said that he needed to improve the legs of the birds. Surprisingly, people love the “fixed” illustrations.

Tommy continues to enhance his skills and constantly shows more illustrations he created with “realistic” bird legs. Enjoy some of his drawings here:

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