Shoppers Stumble On Emaciated Bodies Covered Together In A Walmart Parking Lot


Two precious little dogs gave shoppers at the Walmart in Delavan, Wisconsin, quite a scare, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The sweet duo was found all alone in the parking lot at the popular retail store. What makes this story heartbreaking is the condition of both pups.

Police took the pair to Lakeland Animal Shelter where staff immediately noticed their emaciated condition. They will both receive proper medical care. At this point, authorities took to social media for help finding their owner.

On Facebook, they wrote, “The City of Delavan Police Department is looking for help in locating the owners of these two male dogs… Both dogs are very malnourished and will be receiving the proper health care.”

After being shared over 2,000 times, police located the dogs’ owner. The person will be charged with animal abandonment and mistreating animals. Thankfully, he or she will not be allowed to have the dogs back.

In an update to their Facebook page, Delavan Police Department shared, “Any inquiries about the dogs can be referred to them.”

Thanks to the caring people who got involved to get these pups out of harm’s way!

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