An elderly dog has become a guide for a stafford who has lost his eyes


The Staffordshire Terrier of Clique Amos was born in an animal shelter. The avеugle child won the hearts of the shelter staff, who tried to quickly find him at least a temporary home. Amos went to see volunteer Jess. She took the puppy to the veteran.

Due to the increasing presence, the dog had a severe headache. He also lacked the blinking reflex, because of which he constantly blotted the muquеuses of his eyes. The doctors tried but failed. The decision of the сhirurgian: «You must remove your eyes.»

At 8 months, the puppy completely lost his sight and became completely dependent on Jess. The girl was worried if her second ward, an elderly dog named Toby, would become jealous of her blind Amos. But his fears were in vain.

Toby has worked as a therapist dog for people with dementia in a nursing home for many years. After his retirement, he found himself with Jess. Blind Amos became both a friend and an outlet for him.

Thanks to Toby, Amos learned to live in a world immersed in the tenebrans. He stopped being scared, started going out on the street. His faithful friend and guide was always there.

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