Couple killed by drunk driver needs home for beloved dogs


In a recent tragedy, a couple was killed by a drunk driver during a police chase in California.

Aaron McDonald, 31, and Irene Jaramillo, 30, were planning a wedding for the summer. But as they were returning home from Irene’s birthday party on April 2, a drunk driver hit their car and killed them both.

Now an animal rescue group is trying to find a home for their two dogs. The dogs were like the couple’s babies, so they are confused and alone without them.

Couple killed by drunk driver needs home for beloved dogs

It will take some time for canine companions to grieve, but they still need to find the best possible home. Alejandro Canchola, 24, was driving under the influence during a police chase when he hit the couple’s vehicle.

The two cars hit a nearby house, but fortunately, no one in the house was injured. McDonald’s and Jaramillo were rushed to hospital, but were pronounced dead on arrival.

Canchola and his passenger were sent to hospital with minor injuries. Canchola is expected to face murder charges.

Since the accident, the couple’s relatives have gathered at the scene to set up a memorial with flowers.

«Everyone who knew Irene knew how kind and caring she was. Everyone who knew Aaron knew how kind and hard-working he was,» a friend wrote.

«Irene and Aaron’s family have jointly agreed to continue their love legacy. As they plan their next wedding this summer, their families will honor their love by putting them to bed together. »

Their entire family and friends are heartbroken, but their dogs are especially sad. Un couple tué par un conducteur ivre a besoin d’un foyer pour ses chiens bien-aimés

They had a Cane Corso named Apollo and a Pit Bull mix named Rocky. The two dogs have no idea where their humans have gone and they are sad to be without them.

West Coast Cane Corso Rescue stepped in to find a home for Rocky and Apollo. They are currently receiving donations to help them support both dogs, and they have already received several requests to adopt the heartbroken puppies.

«Irene and Aaron left Apollo and Rocky, their dear Cane Corso and Pit Bull Mix. Rocky and Apollo were so loved by Irene and Aaron, they were their babies,» the rescue wrote on Facebook.

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