Man filmed consoling a cow in distress after losing his calf


Animals go through tragedies and unlike most humans have to endure heartache on their own, write theanimalclub.

But for a cow who suffered a tragic experience alone in a field, she didn’t know that a human would walk to give her the love she needed.

Benjamin Tipps was visiting his mother-in-law in Texas on Mother’s Day, when he was forced to arrest and help a mother cow in need.

In a field near her family’s home, a cow had gone through a long and difficult job that lasted several days.

A Texas man lay next to this cow on Mother’s Day to console her after losing her calf.

Despite her hard work, her calf did not survive, and all the exhausted cow could do was lie on the floor and say goodbye to her baby.

Benjamin was so moved by his experience that he went to comfort the cow and lie down with her, holding the mother in mourning while she went through every parent’s worst nightmare.

His actions were filmed and shared on social media with the words: big heart that this man has. This mother cow lost her baby yesterday and Benjamin slept with her and stroked her to try to comfort her. Such a sweet but heartbreaking image. »

Time of need

Benjamin told local media that he saw the cow fall to the ground during labor and that the calf was stillborn.

The cow became anxious and motionless and unable to move after losing her baby. He sat with her hugging and comforting the cow during her hour of need.

If only we all had this level of empathy for our precious animal kingdom. Please share to pay tribute to this gentle man and his kind deeds.

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