The retiree built a train for dogs and rides them in herds through the streets of the city


A retiree named Eugène Bostic, decided not to lie down in retirement and set out to a really useful company. A man and his brother live on the last street of Fort Worth, where stray dogs often appeared.

Eugene decided to build a house for stray dogs – so they could sleep and eat. There was plenty of space in this house and every day there was food prepared for all the dogs in the yard on this street.

For several years, Eugene helped the dogs: he fed them, created comfort in the house and took the unhealthy dogs to the vet with his brother.

Eugene took the plastic containers and turned them into passenger dog wagons – which were connected one behind the other to the tractor.

Eugene taught dogs to move around the street on this homemade train for a while and developed a habit for them. Now, when a man sits on a tractor and goes out into the yard, all the dogs immediately understand that they are now going for a ride.

Eugene told his story and added that all his dogs love to walk the streets of the city on such a structure.

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