A dehydrated dog led people to her puppy


People spotted this dog in the Udaipur district of India. The skinny and dehydrated dog looked at people in disbelief and looked for food. They noticed that she was a nursing mother and called the rescuers to help her and take her to a safe place.

The dog could barely move, and when the man offered her food, she began to eat a little. Despite the difficult living conditions, the kind dog almost immediately allowed him to pet him.

Then the dog took the man to his only puppy, who at that time was eating the food left by the locals. A volunteer took mom and puppy to a rescue center to take care of them and regain their health.

The mother was in a worse state than the puppy. She was covered in scabies all over her body. She had almost no hair and the staff found her severely thin.

The path of healing began and the result was not long in coming. The puppy quickly recovered, followed by the mother-dog. After a month of treatment, she began to look like a normal dog – her hair had grown back, she gained a little weight.

Now the dog and puppy still live at the shelter, surrounded by attentive staff. They are very grateful to people for their salvation.

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